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National Drug facts week


Christ's 12 step program to recovery

We use the word Recovery- But God as evidenced in His word thinks of it as restoration. If we look at the Mirriam-Webster definition we can see how the two words are efficiently interchangeable.

Recover- To bring back to normal condition. To rescue

Restore: to bring back into former or original state. To bring back into proper place ie  After he healed from his injury he was restored to his original position at first base.

To put back into possession. 1 Cor 6:19-20, 1 Cor  7:22-24

God is a restorer, that is to say he is hard at work to recover humanity from its fallen state and restore the communal relationship that was enjoyed in the days that he walked with us in the garden during the cool of the evening.

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  June 2017  
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