CPF General chaplain

Michael Rickenbaker

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Chap. Rickenbaker came to the Lord in 1973, the following year he became involved in ministering to those in work release and has ministered in every form of prison ministry since from minimum to maximum security, men, women, after care, mentoring as well as leading and training those who share his passion. 

Bro. Rickenbaker was present at the birth of CPF in 1982 and 1983 being among the first of those appointed to be Dist Chaplains, he was very instramental in helping to forge a new and uncharted ministry in the UPCI, eventualy assuming the duties of a regional chaplain.

Having shown himself to be well capable to lead he was selected to be assistant chaplain to our founding General Chaplain the late Charley Mahaney.

The passing of Chap. Mahaney in 2007 was sudden and unexpected. Bro Rickenbaker was given the duty to assume the the post that his long time friend and mentor had vacated.

Since that time Chaplain Rickenbaker has proven once again his passion and ability to lead. Building upon the foundation laid forth by his predecessor he is leading CPF to new hieghts.   

  July 2018  
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